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1   Link   Pambamarca Archaeological Project
General presentation of the Pambamarca Archaeological Project (context, objectives, methodology).
2   Link   Club JRD - Archaeology (IRD- French College La Condamine)
Website of the Club JRD between archaeologists of IRD and students of the French College La Condamine of Quito.
3   Link   Manabí Project of Complutense University of Madrid
The Manabí Central Project is being developed from 2003 in the central coast of Ecuador, in the south of the city of Bahía de Caraquez. In this project, diverse investigators of the CNRS, the University of Madrid and INPC are collaborating.
4   Link   Esmeraldas Project of Complutense University of Madrid
Esmeraldas Project is the surname of an ample project of investigation on the Esmeraldas Archaeology (Ecuador) whose field works (1970-1975) were directed by Jose Alcina Franch, chief of the Spanish Archaeological Mission
5   Link   Ingapirca Project of Complutense University of Madrid
This project was leaded by the Spanish Scientific Mission in Ecuador, between 1974 and 1975, in Ingapirca (Cañar valley).
6   Link   Chasqui Project
Chasqui Project. Information and Digital Communication in Anthropology and History, using the prototype build in NUTIAH and techniques developed in SIMBA including both social and informatics issue.
7   Link   Study of the occupation of preColumbian soil mounds
Many sites with artificial ground hillocks are established on the terraces bordering the Upano river, in high Amazonia. A recurring space model organizes these monticules around a low central place.
8   Link   Archaeology of the central Manabí coast
Study of the prehispanic groups and their adaptation to the coastal environment of the Pacific.
9   Link   Chilmá project
Etnohistory and arqueology of a Pasto ethnic group
10   Link   Zamora-Chinchipe Project
Archaeological inventory of Zamora-Chinchipe province by cooperation team IRD/INPC.
11   Link   Tumbes Archaeological Project
Welcome to the Proyecto Arqueológico Tumbes (PAT), a multi-year bi-national program of archaeological research located in far northern Peru. Long considered a cultural backwater marginal to better-known regions of Ecuador and Peru, our research demonstrates that the Tumbes region was home to a series of important prehistoric developments and involved in long-distance trade and interaction with prehispanic cultures to the north and south.
12   Link   Program "Loja" by IFEA and BCE
Investigation project (1979-1982) in Loja Province by the CNRS/BCE franco-ecuadorian mission.
13   Link   Environmental history of North Peru and South Ecuador
Cooperation between IFEA, CNRS, IRD, DFG from 1986 to 2005.
14   Link   Program "Tolita" of IFEA
Archaeological investigation program of the north coast of Ecuador and south coast of Colombia (Tumaco) between 1986 and 1989.
15   Link   Program "Tumaco" of IFEA
CNRS/IFEA program in south Colombia and North Ecuador between 1976-1981.
16   Link   Origins of first americans
In the last years, Archaeometry had made an important development within the archaeological investigation with the contribution of new datas through physico-chemical analysis of diverse materials (human and animal bones, coal, ceramics, metallurgy, pigments…) which allowed to confirm or to discard hypothesis and generate new approaches.
17   Link   Loja's Rock Art project
18   Link   Loja's identity project
19   Link   Upano Project (CNRS/IFEA)
20   Link   Central Manabí Coast Project (CNRS/UCM)
21   Link   Foothill College Ecuador Program
22   Link   San Agustin de Callo Project
23   Link   Inca-Caranqui Archaeological Project

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